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How Do I Know if I Need a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

VA's are the best thing to happen to businesses, CEO's, and entrepreneurs! If any of these statements resonate with you, the benefits of working with a VA are endless.

~I am too busy getting all of my daily work done to keep my business running smoothly.

~I am falling behind with my administrative work.

~I would rather be doing something else with the time it takes me to do all of my business administrative work and social media posting.

~I spend too many hours each week on emails, computer work, social media, and administrative work.

~I have bigger plans for my business but all of the administrative tasks are slowing me down.

~I want to delegate some of my tasks so I don't feel so overwhelmed IN my business.

~I want to have more time to work ON my business and make it a success.

~I want to work with someone who will provide successful collaboration and help me grow my business.

~Bottom line....I just don't like the administrative side of my business.

What is the Benefit of Hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. an In-House Assistant?

Hiring a VA can help lower business expenses, free up your time, increase productivity, and provide sustainability (to name just a few). How? When you hire a VA, you are hiring someone who has had years of experience providing support to business owners on numerous levels. You will not need to train a VA, as we know the specific services we can provide. Say goodbye to recruiting, payroll tax, and insurance expenses when you hire a VA. We work under a contract/freelance model. You are able to discuss what you need specifically for your business, the time it will take to complete the tasks/project, pay for the services, and receive your completed work. That's it! Then, of course, come back the next time you need assistance because your VA was so awesome!

Does a Virtual Assistant Do Everything?

No. A Virtual Assistant will perform numerous tasks, based on the needs of each individual business. These tasks should be at the discretion of the VA and will be discussed during the Discovery Call. There are many tasks that can be beyond the scope of a VA. These tasks include paralegal/legal, financial, payroll, accounts receivable/payable, and inbound calls. Most duties that are not provided by a VA are performed by an in-house receptionist or secretary.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For Me?

If you are spending your downtime answering emails, voicemails, organizing files, posting on social media, and much more ~ hire a VA! A Virtual Assistant can perform all of these tasks (and more) quickly and efficiently.

How Does This Work?

It isn't as difficult as you may think! Schedule a FREE Discovery Call here on my website or contact me directly. Discuss your daily tasks, where you are succeeding and where you are struggling to find balance. Decide on an agreement. Sign the contract and you're done! Take a deep breath knowing the tasks that are weighing you down will now be taken care of in a professional, timely fashion. The best part - you now have a partner in your work. What will you do with all of that extra free time?!